Long Distance Dialing

Long Distance Dialing

Local Company Calls

NTT Fiber offers long distance service within a specific geographic area known as the Local Access Transport Area (LATA). NTT Fiber handles all 1+ and 0+ long distance calls which originate and terminate within the Wichita Falls LATA. These calls appear on your monthly telephone bill as local telephone calls.

Long Distance Company Calls

For calls made to exchanges outside your own LATA, you must use another long distance company. You were given the opportunity to select a long distance company for these calls via an equal access ballot. If you wish to change your chosen long distance company, you may do so by contacting our business office at 529-6123. There is a charge for changing long distance companies.

You may access the long distance company you have selected simply by dialing “1” plus the telephone number or “0” plus the telephone number for any call to an exchange outside your LATA. These calls may appear on your monthly telephone bill as your long distance company’s calls, or your long distance company may send you a separate bill for long distance calls outside your LATA. A list of long distance companies available to NTT Fiber customers may be obtained by contacting our business office. Questions regarding these companies’ rates and service can be obtained by contacting the long distance companies directly.

Using Other Long Distance Companies

You may also make calls using a long distance company other than the one you have selected to handle your 1+ and 0+ calls by dialing the appropriate seven digit access code (1010XXX) for that company. You must establish an account with each long distance company you wish to use. Each long distance company can supply you with its seven-digit access code.


Direct Distance Dialing

With Direct Distance Dialing (DDD), you can dial your own station-to-station long distance calls without incurring operator surcharges. The key to placing DDD calls is the 3-digit area code of the location you are calling. Call the operator and ask for the area code of the city you wish to call.

Station-to-Station Calls

Call station-to-station if you are willing to talk with anyone who answers. Simply dial the number as instructed above. Charging begins when the phone you have called is answered. There are no operator surcharges added to direct-dialed calls.

Station-to-Station Within the U.S.
Dial 1 + Area Code + Telephone Number

Station-to-Station International
Dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Telephone Number

Wrong Numbers & Other Problems

You will not be charged if you reach a wrong number. Ask the person who answers what city you have reached, then dial “Operator” immediately and report what has happened. The operator will cancel the charges if you report the problem immediately. Also immediately report to the operator if your call is cut off, if you encounter difficulty in hearing, or if you experience any other trouble.

Busy Signals & No Answers

If you get a busy signal, or if no one answers, hang up and try your call again later. There is no charge on these uncompleted calls, or if you hang up before dialing a complete phone number.

Long Distance Charges

Charges for any long distance calls are based on the rates in effect during the time the call is in progress. (Example: 20-minute call made at 10:50 p.m. will be billed 10 minutes at evening rate and 10 minutes at night rate; 15 minute call made at 7:55 a.m. will be billed 5 minutes at night rate and 10 minutes at day rate.) Remember that rates and reduced rate periods on calls to other countries differ from those on calls to points in the U.S. The operator can tell you the per-minute charges to any area code and prefix.



Call Person-to-Person if you wish to talk with a particular person or extension. Tell the operator you wish to make a person-to-person call and give the name of the person you are calling. Charging begins when conversation starts with the person you have called.

Person-to-Person, Collect, Calling Card Within the U.S.:
Dial 0 + Area Code + Telephone Number

Person-to-Person, Collect, Calling Card International:
Dial 01 + Country Code + City Code + Telephone Number

Calling Card Service:
Dial number as instructed above, then follow the instructions below:

From Touch Tone phones (wait for tone or announcement)
Dial Calling Card Number

From Rotary & Pulse dial phones (wait for operator)
Give Operator your Calling Card Number

Collect Calls

Call Collect if the person or firm you are calling agrees to pay the charge. Tell the operator you wish to call collect and give your name.

Conference Calls

You can talk with several people in different places at the same time. Tell the operator you wish to make a conference call.