FAQ: DSL Internet

FAQ: DSL Internet

Q: Do I need a second phone line for NTT Fiber DSL?

A: No. DSL service uses your existing home telephone line to send high-speed Internet to your house.

Q: Will my phone be “busy” when I’m online?

A: No. DSL uses unused frequencies of your telephone line. As such, it does not keep your phone line used when it is active. You can talk on the phone or send a FAX on the line all while your high-speed Internet connection stays active.

Q: Will I have a different e-mail address and will my programs need to be changed?

A: No. Your e-mail address and all of your Internet programs will work the same with DSL as with a dial-up account–except they will all be faster.

Q: What equipment is needed for DSL service?

A: To have DSL service, our technicians will need to install a “line splitter” device on the outside of your house, in the telephone network interface box. This splits the high-frequency DSL signals apart from your normal phone conversations so you can use DSL and your normal phone line at the same time. You will also need an Ethernet card installed in your computer, if you do not already have one. Some newer computers have these pre-installed. If you do not have an Ethernet card, you will need to contact a local computer service center to have one installed. One final device is needed: a DSL “modem.” This is a small box which sits outside your computer. It connects to the phone line and to the Ethernet card in your computer.

Q: What are the costs involved?

A: For NTT Fiber customers who qualify, the price for DSL service starts at $38.95/month for 1.5Mb of speed. There is also a one-time installation charge of $25.00.

Additional Monthly Rates and Download/Upload speeds are as follows:
$38.95/Month for 1.5Mb/384K
$44.95/Month for 3.0Mb/512K
$59.95/Month for 6.0Mb/512K
$74.95/Month for 10.0Mb/1.0Mb

There is also of an optional $8.95/month Connect Assist when technical assistance is required. Without Connect Assist, current service charges are minimum $60 for each service call plus $60 per hour.

Q: What are the download and upload speeds?

Download Speeds | Upload Speeds | Pricing
1.5Mb | 384K | $38.95
3.0Mb | 512K | $44.95
6.0Mb | 512K | $59.95
10.0Mb | 1.0Mb | $74.95
*Total price does not include monthly modem lease fee, monthly network care, or required taxes.

Want more information? Contact our office at (940) 529-6123, or e-mail us at customerservice@nttfiber.net.